What to do if shoe display stand is damaged during shipping?
The damaged display stand will be returned and quality ones will be re-supplied. We will find out the reasons for the damage. We have signed contracts with the forwarders, to guarantee the rights during the service.

The influence of Zhongshan Yishang Metal Products Co., Ltd. in the industry of jewelry display is great. has diverse products and we will show you the main products of clothing racks for sale series below. Yishang. boasts developed systems, processes, and procedures around the best people to enable us to set quality shoe display standards that are unmatched. The operator is guided through individual work processes step by step by the eyewear display stand that can also be customized if desired. Yishang display is destruction resistant. .

Yishang. is striving for breakthroughs of technology, processes and culture. Inquiry!
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