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Welding Stud

The welding stud belongs to a high-strength and rigid-connected fastener. The welding nail is an abbreviation for the English head studs for arc stud welding. The specification of the welding nail is 公10~Ф25mm. The total length before welding is 40~300 mm. The stud has a top surface of the head with a embossing to make the manufacturer's identification mark, and the use of the welding nail is very extensive.

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The manufacturer of the welding stud should use the embossing on the top surface of the head of the welding stud to produce the manufacturer's identification mark. The labeling example: nominal diameter d=25mm, length l1=300mm, material ML15, non-surface-treated welding nail mark For: welding nail GB/T10433-2002 25×300. The national standard stipulates that the surface of the welding nail should be free of rust, scale, grease and burrs. The rod of the welding stud is not allowed to have cracks affecting the use, but the depth (radial) of the head crack shall not exceed 0.25 (dk-d) mm. The current national standard for welding nails was issued by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine on December 5, 2002, and was officially implemented on June 1, 2003. Cheese head studs for arc stud welding The national standard GB/T10433-2002, at the same time abolished the old standard GB/T10433-1989 welding nail, this new national standard is applicable to the shearing parts, embedded parts and anchors of various structures in civil engineering construction. GB/T10433-2002 non-equivalent to the international standard ISO13918:1998 "welding stud and magnetic ring for welding arc stud welding", SD type shearing parts (studs), and Japanese industrial standard JIS B1198-2011 "cylindrical head welding nail". Ф10mm~Ф25mm cylindrical studs for arc stud welding of various specifications, material SWRCH15A, ML15AL or ML15. All materials are made of high-quality steel produced by large well-known steel enterprises, and strictly in accordance with relevant standards such as (GB10433-2002). And passed the European CE certification (certificate number is AC/0500909). Good welding nails should be of stable quality, strict inspection, complete specifications, timely delivery, and provide a warranty. Large welding nail manufacturers can also order cylindrical studs for special welding of arc studs according to customer orders. Cylindrical head welding studs for arc stud welding are suitable for high-rise steel-frame construction, industrial plant construction, roads, railways, bridges, towers, automobiles, energy, transportation facilities, airports, stations, power stations, pipeline supports, lifting appliances and Other types of steel structures and other projects.

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