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UV Inkjet Printing

UV inkjet printing refers to the use of UV ink, while the monotonic approach of UV ink is UV monotony, which means that the ink is cured by UV light. A little bit is to ensure that the ink can be printed on any material. It only needs to pass the ultraviolet light (the device comes with it) to brake monotonously, so the printing is not limited to materials.


Apply  Rules:

1. UV inkjet printers in the domestic gift shopping mall planning is very robust, has now become a gift prevailing trend. Print your own photos on your gift, or your favorite images, icons, and texts. The faces of thousands of people can be reflected in the gift and the gift giver's originality. UV inkjet printing in home decoration and furniture stores: domestic home decoration shopping malls tens of billions, family-specific decoration is also quietly popular. According to the characteristics of a favorite home, the user prints a favorite photo or image on the decorative painting, tile, furniture, and floor, and decorates his home with his favorite characteristics. The construction is attributed to his own characteristic space.

2. UV inkjet printing in the current popular mobile phone and digital merchandise shopping mall users are some of the young and fashionable groups, the printing of these marks on these goods is the best embodiment of the characteristics. Some of the items that you carry with you, such as makeup mirrors, lighters, wallets, backpacks, etc., are also excellent ways for these users to embody their own characteristics. UV inkjet printing in the characterization of consumer goods shopping malls: digital image development, we are no longer constrained to print their own photos on photographic paper. The UV inkjet printing system can print any image on crystal, glass, acrylic, metal, ceramic, canvas, and more. The effect of the printed goods on the different materials is different from that of the people. We can print our own photos on different materials, and enrich the form and effect of the photos.

3. UV inkjet printing in the film, games, animation, prevailing civilized surrounding merchandise shopping malls: universal digital printing system can also be based on the prevailing trend, conveniently prevailing some films, animation, HIP-HOP and other images or prevailing elements Printed on some items. UV inkjet printing in advertising and signage malls: high-quality, high-cost, small and medium-sized advertising and signage production, such as all kinds of metal membership cards, time cards, badges, listings, licensing cards, etc., all colorful printing, this is the time Printing skills are hard to reach.

4. UV inkjet printing in professional proofing: one molding, no plate making, some materials can be reused, low cost; computer direct typesetting, correction, production, simple operation, high efficiency, significantly reducing costs. UV inkjet printing in professional high quality small batch printing: inkjet direct printing, no plate making, no transfer and film, high image quality, accurate color positioning; printable media.

UV inkjet printing is a new type of glass printing equipment, which is a kind of digital printing machine. Acrylic color printing machine is not a job professional title, according to different principles to classify the difference, art glass printing machine can have many different names and titles. As a new type of printing equipment, UV inkjet printing detonated the color printing work in a short time, setting off the heat wave of characteristic digital color printing.

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