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Custom Sheet Metal and Pipe Fabrication from Sweden

Country: Sweden

Company: OB

Product: Custom Tube Fabrication

 About OB:

Founded in 2009, OB is a company that translates customer experience, employee engagement, teaching and training, events and conference feedback into actionable insights. In 2015, OB developed a new feedback  product, this product consists of a metal tube and a plastic case. OB was looking for a number of factories to produce metal pipes but none of them meet the requirements.


Production problems of the metal display:

1. China factory is not professional, the connection between the pipe and pipe, pipe and base are not straight, resulting in the entire display tilting.

2. China factory is not strict with QC, the surface treatment is uneven, there are bubbles, shadows and dust.

3. China factory often delays the delivery time, causing OB to lose a batch of customers.


Why OB chose us?

Provided design within 5 hours

After the customer sent the drawings to us, the technical team analyzed and found that the original design was defective. According to the structural characteristics of the tube and the base and the positioning principle, a new design was quickly drawn within 5 hours, so that the tube and the tube, and the tube and the base was kept straight and not skewed. The customer was very satisfied with the design and starts to produce samples.

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Problems of Sample Production, Solution Was Provided Within 3 Hours

After the surface treatment of the sample was completed, the tube end was found to have powder accumulation and even rust at the quality inspection. The technical team found the reason within 1 hour: the product was pickled before powdering, and the acid water stayed in the tube, causing the powder to burst. And within 2 hours of the solution: open two holes in the nozzle that do not affect the appearance, the customer was very appreciated.

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Reasonable Packaging and Container Layout

OB was very satisfied with the sample and ordered the first 500 sets on 05/10/2016. According to the quantity, we designed safe and small packaging, also planned the layout of the container in advance to save the transportation cost for OB.


Strict Production Control

1. A first sample was produced in the batch production, and we found that the pipe material was a bit out of shape, resulting in a non-smooth surface treatment. To this end, our purchaser personally supervised and selected the pipe material.

2. The dimensional tolerance is controlled within 0.1mm, and the crafts were unfavorable. The surface treatment was carried out after the entire product trial installation test was passed, and the surface quality inspection was performed after the surface treatment was returned.

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Scrupulous Packaging Control

1. The first package must be crash-tested. After the test, opened the package to check whether the products were damaged or misaligned.

2. Packers must wear white gloves to avoid fingerprints on the products.


Cautious Loading Control

When loading container, the goods were loaded according to the advance layout. The salesman and technical team worked together to prevent the loading workers from rudely handling the goods and misplaced positions.


Good after-sales service

1. Tracked the cargo transportation process and informed OB where the goods have arrived.

2. The suggestions or requirements put forward by OB after receiving the goods were recorded on the case to ensure that there will be no problems in the next batch.

3. We will compensate the products in the next batch due to damage caused by transportation or problems during use.


Client Feedback

In 2019, OB will place order more than 10,000 sets, and they hope we can assist them to produce two new products. We will be the preferred supplier of OB long-term cooperation!

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