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Solid Wood Necklace Bracelets Holder Jewelry Display

Solid Wood Necklace Bracelets Holder Jewelry Display

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Solid Wood
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Custom Gold Girls Jewelry Holder Earring Display Stand


1. General size: W350 * D150 * H255 mm.

2. Other sizes can be customized according to the necklace length or actual needs.


1. Available types of wood

1) solid wood: pine, oak, birch, camphor wood, etc., with the highest price.Among them pine is often used at 

displaying frame quite.

2) plywood: medium price.

3) MDF: relatively lowest price, low density and light weight.

2. Available wood thickness

1) wood plate: 10mm - 25mm is recommended

2) wood column: choose the appropriate diameter of the wooden column according to the diameter of the bracelet

It is suggested to be between 350mm and 500mm.

Surface Treatment

1. Surface treatment: the original design is claw pattern, or can be polished, brushed or carbonized surface 

treatment as required.

2. Surface color: the original design is gray spray paint, can also choose according to the characteristics of 

the decorations spray varnish, retro color or gradually changing color.

Assembly Structure

Screw fastening is required for disassembly structure, which will affect the appearance of the jewelry display stand. 

Therefore, only integral structure can be used.


1. Free 3D design.

2. We can customize according to your requirements.

Product Details



YISHANG -Solid Wood Necklace Bracelets Holder Jewelry -Yishang
Necklace Display Board

1. Display board size

1) general size: W150 * H235mm

2) the appropriate size can be customized according to the necklace length and the number of necklaces to be displayed.

2. Hanging slots

1) number of hanging slots: 6 hanging slots, 2 - 8 hanging slots can be selected according to needs.

2) hanging slot size: width 4mm, depth 5mm. Suitable hanging slot size can be selected according to the size of the necklace.

3. Brand Logo method

1) laser engraving: it is easy to hide the logo after engraving before painting. Carved after painting, the logo presents the original wood color, can be painted, but easy to fade.

2) silk printing: logo color is optional, font is matte, silk printing mold is required.

3) UV printing: logo color is optional, can be made into glossy and three-dimensional logo, no mold is needed, but the cost is higher than screen printing.

4. Inclination

1) our company adopts a 75 degree tilt.

2) the inclination can be customized according to the needs. In order to provide customers with a comfortable visual experience, it is suggested to provide 65-80 degrees.

YISHANG -Solid Wood Necklace Bracelets Holder Jewelry -Yishang-1
Bracelet Display Column

1. Display column size

1) general size: diameter 42mm, height 75mm

2) suitable sizes can be customized according to the diameter of bracelets and the number of bracelets to be displayed.

2. number of the display column

1) common: 1 on each side of the display board, 2 in total.

2) 4 can be used according to actual needs, 2 on each side, and no more than 4 is recommended.

YISHANG -Solid Wood Necklace Bracelets Holder Jewelry -Yishang-2

1. Base size

1) general practice: W350 * D150 mm

2) the size of the base varies according to the width of the display board and the number of display Spaces.

2. The following scratch-resistant mat can be added to the base:

1) flannelette pad

2) silicone pad

3) spongy mattress

4) foam pad

How is the production capacity of YISHANG?


1. The expected production cycle of product parts is very important, and reasonable arrangement of production sequence is the key.

2. Use up the machinery and adjust the operation of professionals.

3. If there is a problem in the process of production, the production will be suspended for one hour. The management team will discuss and decide the test of the three schemes within one hour and continue the production within two hours.

About Packaging 


Packing Specifications:

1. Independent corrugated carton packaging, packaging size of 425 * 225 * 330 mm.

2. One main carton contains 10 pieces of jewelry display rack.

Packing Materials

1. Plastic bags:

Thickness: 0.01mm-0.15mm (commonly used 0.03mm-0.05mm for display rack packaging plastic bags).

2. Bubble:     

Conventional thickness of 30mm, or according to the need to choose 10mm, 20mm or more than 30mm, the recommended thickness is not more than 50mm.          

3. Carton:

Number of carton layers: there are 3, 5 and 7 layers in general. It is recommended to use 5 layers for general export products and 7 layers for large and heavy products.                                                      

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