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Rivet Nut Column

The rivet nut column, also known as the rivet stud or the nut column, is a kind of fastener applied to the sheet metal, the thin plate, the chassis and the cabinet. The rivet nut column has a hexagonal shape at one end and a cylindrical shape at the other end. There is an undercut in the middle of the hexagonal edge and the cylindrical shape, and the inner shape is an internal thread. The hexagonal head is pressed into the preset hole of the thin plate by a press (the diameter of the preset hole is generally slightly larger than the outer diameter of the cylinder of the rivet stud) The plastic deformation of the periphery of the hole is made, and the deformed portion is squeezed into the undercut groove of the rivet nut column, so that the rivet nut column is fastened to the thin plate, thereby forming an effective fixed internal thread on the thin plate.

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The rivet nut column is divided into the material of the material and the internal thread. The through-hole rivet nut column SO type, the stainless steel through hole rivet nut column SOS type, the fast-cut steel blind hole rivet nut column BSO type and stainless steel blind There are four kinds of hole rivet nut columns BSOS, which are used in different environments.

There are no specific national standards for rivet nut columns. Early manufacturers came from the United States and gradually formed today's industry standards when introduced into the country.

SO (SOS) self-rivet through-hole nut column, widely used in the inlaying process of metal panels, control boxes and power cabinets. The special structure of the structure, when assembling, only need to put the nut column into the hole of the metal plate, and realize the operation by "pressing riveting", which has the following advantages:

1. The length guarantee of the distance range is realized, the assembly process is greatly simplified, and the production progress of the assembled pitch panel and the accessories is accelerated;

2. The back of the plate is completely flattened, and the head of the nut column and the plane of the plate are ensured to be smooth;

3. The raw materials are free-cutting iron or free-cutting stainless steel.

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Application Guide

1. When selecting the nut column, it must be according to the thickness of the plate used, and the exact size range. The hardness of the low carbon steel plate must be less than 70 RB, and the hardness of the stainless steel plate must be less than 80 RB.

2. The surface of the easy-cutting iron is processed, and the stainless steel maintains the original color. The user can order the goods according to the model specifications in the table according to the requirements, or can be customized according to the needs.

3. The hole size of the plate must be processed according to the tolerance of 0-+0.075mm. It is recommended to punch.

4, the installation must be achieved through the "press riveting" operation, can not be knocked into the impact.

5. When the material is made of stainless steel, the tail number is indicated by "S".

6. The end face of the nut column is indicated by "C" for straight teeth.

7. Through-hole nut column length is less than 10mm, full of wire, can be reamed in the hexagonal end face (I type) or round end face above 10mm (type II)

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