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Pressure Welding

Pressure welding refers to the method of welding by applying a certain pressure during welding. Pressure welding is also called pressure welding. Forging, contact welding, friction welding, gas pressure welding, cold pressure welding, and explosion welding are areas of pressure welding.

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Pressure welding is a typical solid-phase welding method. When solid-phase welding is used, pressure must be used to directly contact the surface of the part to be welded in the solid state, and the temperature of the part to be welded is raised. By adjusting the temperature, pressure and time, the pressure is adjusted. The solder surface is sufficiently diffused to achieve interatomic bonding. Melt welding generally requires a filler material, and is usually used for welding rods or welding wires and welding slag. Pressure welding is commonly used in the welding of steel bars.



There are two forms of pressure welding:

1. Heating the contact part of the metal to be welded to the plastic state or partial melting state, and then applying a certain pressure, so that the metal atoms are combined with each other to form a firm welded joint, such as forging, contact welding, friction welding, air pressure. Welding is the type of pressure welding method of this type.

2. Without heating, only exert a sufficient pressure on the contact surface of the metal to be welded, by plastic deformation caused by the pressure, so that the atoms are close to each other to obtain a firm squeeze joint, this method of pressure welding has Cold pressure welding, explosion welding, etc. Tools are: fixtures, flux, flux containers!

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