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Paper Angle Bead

Paper angle bead, also known as edge board, is one of the most popular packaging products in the world, replacing wood packaging and other bulky packaging methods. It has the characteristics of low price, light weight, firmness and environmental protection requirements. Also known as paper wrap angle or corner paperboard, edge board, angle paper, paper angle steel, the tube paper and cattle cardboard are shaped and pressed by a set of angle guards. The ends are smooth and flat, no obvious burrs, and they are perpendicular to each other. It can replace 100% wood recycling and is an ideal new green packaging material.

The paper angle bead is made up of multiple kraft papers and is pressed by a corner protector. It is mainly L-shaped and U-shaped. After being used for stacking goods, it can strengthen the edge support of the package and protect its overall packaging strength. It is a green packaging material that can replace 100% recycled wood.

The global low-carbon environmental storm has spread to the packaging field and put forward the concept of low-carbon packaging. The main contents of low-carbon packaging include light weight packaging, clean production, green products, energy saving and emission reduction, and paper-based wood. Paper substitute wood is the core of low carbon packaging. The recycling of waste paper not only reduces the amount of wood, but also cuts down trees, protects the ecological environment, and saves energy and water. According to calculations, the use of waste paper to produce 1 ton of paper can save 5 cubic meters of wood, 60 cubic meters of water, 300 kWh, and the paper corner protector as a protective packaging new material for edge protection, corner protection, roof protection and bottom protection, opening up " "No container packaging" "new ways, all kinds of items, where you only need to protect their corners, do not have to be inclusive of goods, greatly benefited, more energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

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The main advantage

1. Paper corners can be bundled together to make the overall packaging more solid and firm.

2. Fix the goods on the tray to protect the product and its edges.

3. Protect and support the product during handling.

4, can be customized according to different specifications and requirements of customers. It can play the role of reinforcing the pallet during the transportation of the goods, so as to avoid damage to the corners of the edges during the handling, packing and transportation of the goods. Its material is made by bonding cardboard laminates so it can be recycled and recycled. And it can be fumigation-free in the export container, saving cost and being widely used.

5. Provide a solid package for pallet transport: the paper corner protects any cargo placed on the pallet, and it is used together with the strapping (or bundled membrane) to make the original loose and fragmented carton, sheet, Metal pipes, electronic components and other items become a solid whole, preventing the goods from tilting and collapsing. Another big advantage of the paper corner is that it is very convenient to unpack, just cut off the strap or the box film.

6. Prevention of external damage: If the paper corner is used only to protect the surface, and does not need reinforcement, the thickness can be 3mm, and the size can be determined according to the size of the corner. To reduce the cost, some small can be used. Corner protection is damaged by the tight corners of the strap.

7. Increase the stacking pressure of the carton: put the paper corners on the four corners of the carton, which can enhance the stacking strength of the carton, cushion the external impact, and stack the carton without squeezing it inside. Items.


Usual format

30*30*3(mm) 40*40*3(mm)

40*40*4(mm) 40*40*5(mm)

45*45*3(mm) 45*45*4(mm)

45*45*7(mm) 50*50*4(mm)

50*50*5(mm) 80*80*4(mm)

80*80*5(mm) 80*80*7(mm)

According to the BB/T 0023-2004 standard, the paper corners should be tested to understand the quality of the corners.

Dimensions, appearance, angle, mass per meter, moisture, longitudinal compression, bending resistance test.

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Main classification

L-shaped paper corner U-shaped paper corner

Bending paper corner

Waterproof paper corner

Wrapping paper corner

Shaped paper corner


Basic skills

Since the paper corner protects the goods from damage during transportation, it is considered an ideal packaging product that helps users improve the external image of the product. Paper corners have a wide range of uses depending on the mode of transport and environmental conditions.

Preventing external damage: The practicality of paper corners can be compared to wooden cases. At present, freight loss has become one of the most troublesome problems for multinational merchants. The corner guards are fixed around the goods, which can protect the vulnerable corners of the products and reduce the loss of freight.

Forming a package as a whole: It is used together with a strapping tape to place a paper corner on each corner of a carton, sheet, metal tube, etc. in a single form, and tightened with a strap to form a firm and stable Packaging as a whole.

Increase the stacking pressure of the carton: the paper corner can withstand a pressure of up to 1500 kg, so you can stack the carton with some short paper corners placed in the four corners of the carton when transporting items such as washing machines, microwave ovens, refrigerators, etc. Put it together and not squeeze the contents to avoid unnecessary damage during transportation.


The main purpose

1. Basic use

The main buyers of paper corners are construction, aluminum, steel and other metals, as well as brick, confectionery, frozen food, daily necessities, home appliances, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, computers and other high-tech industries. Products, etc., are due to the large number of surfaces and corners that need to be protected. In addition, the paper corner can also be used in the transportation of fruits, not only to protect, but also to ventilate the goods during transportation.

2. Outstanding features

1) Environmental protection: The paper corner with water-soluble glue as adhesive is easy to recycle, which is an ideal environmentally friendly product.

2) Printable: The customer's name, logo and advertisement can be conveniently printed in a prominent position in the paper corner during the production process.

3) Automatic bonding: The paper corner has the characteristics of automatic bonding, which can be easily fixed on the edge of the package, thus simplifying the packaging process.

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