About OEM Service

 · Customize by picture

After receiving your drawing, YISHANG technical team will analyze and provide professional revise suggestion in 2 hours. After all details are assured, we will provide the quote in one day.


 · Customize by sample

If you don’t have drawing, please send your sample to YISHANG. We can provide you the most professional suggestions that help you reducing the production cost according to your sample, also we can provide free 3D drawing.


 · Why should we sigh the confidentiality agreement?

To make sure customer’s product won’t leak to third party, we will sign confidentiality agreement with every customer before production.


About ODM Service

Does your company have no design team? Don't want to hire a design company? YISHANG can help you! Saving more than 30% of design costs and long-term communication costs!


You only need to provide these information:


√  Product information to be displayed
√  Target budget
√  Preliminary requirements (Metal, acrylic or wood? Floor standing, table counter standing or wall mounted? Rotating or not? Assemble or disassemble?)


Then YISHANG will provide a preliminary draft desin for your reference within 5 working hours.

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