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Custom Metal Light Box Enclosure from New Zealand

HH (logogram) is a New Zealand brand company established in 2015 and mainly based on plant growth illumination lamps. It has been looking for suppliers to customize metal light box enclosure, lamps and other accessories in China, but the supply of metal light box enclosure is unstable, resulting in delays in sales.


Problems encountered when customers collaborate with metal light box enclosure suppliers:

1. The supplier's English level is not high, communication difficulties.

2. The supplier has insufficient experience and cannot help customers improve their products.

3. The rivet in the light box is easy to loose, the quality inspection is not in place

4. The delivery period is often postponed, resulting in sales delays


Why did the customer choose us in many Chinese factories?


Inquiry reply quickly and professionally

 On June 10, 2018, the customer Matt enquired a picture of a metal light box with an overall size (the internal structure was not visible). According to our 23 years of metal manufacturing experience, our company recommends that the customer's material thickness be 1mm within 10 minutes, and recommend the product related to the internal structure to Matt. The salesman's response speed was fast, and the language was correctly expressed, which had won a good impression of the customer.


Quote within 1 hour, the price has an advantage

 After confirming the important details with Matt, our salesman, technician, and price officer cooperated to quote within one hour.

Our company is a direct factory, the price is very competitive, and won the customer's first affirmation, so the customer sent two other metal light boxes to let us quote, our company still quickly quoted to the customer within 1 hour. Matt was very satisfied with our service and price, confirmed to order a sample.


3 days to complete the sample

 After confirming all the details with Matt, the technical department made a CAD drawing to confirm with Matt within 3 hours.

The sample can reflect the ability of a company, and our company had passed quality inspection at every stage of the sample production.

In order to allow Matt to receive samples as soon as possible, the metal light box was formed on the second day after he placed the order. Before the surface treatment, we measured the samples and took photos to confirm with him. On the third day, the surface treatment was completed and shipped to Matt.

YISHANG -New Zealand Custom Metal Light Case - Yishang Display 

Quick solution

Matt was very satisfied with the sample, but it was found that the LED light hole of the sample did not match the lamp lens and could not be assembled. Our company quickly provided the solution to him within 8 hours, and he was happy to accept the solution and re-created the new sample.


Mass production control

 On July 3, the Matt placed order with 400pcs of metal light boxes enclosures.

 Before production, the purchaser inspected the raw materials and ensured that the thickness was 1mm.

In the mass production process, our management team planed, supervised and controlled each process to ensure product quality. When they encountered problems, found the best solution within 3 hours, without delaying production, and guarantee the delivery time on time.

The operator of each production process must checked whether the dimensions, angles, structures, etc. meet the drawing standards.

The product dimensional tolerance was controlled within 0.1mm-0.2mm, and the installation test was carried out before and after dusting. And also check the surface of the products if were qualified after the powder coating.

The salesman took photos and videos at each production stage and shared them with Matt to let him know the production process and made Matt feel at ease.

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Packaging crash test

When the order was confirmed, the technical department typed the packaging method. Before batch packaging, used the sample for collision testing, and then opened the package to check the product for damage or deviation.

This are the reasons why Matt chooses us. Regardless of the large or small order amount, we will try our best to help each customer and let each customer feel that our service is great!

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