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My cargo has 16 CBM. should I ship by LCL or FCL?

Under normal circumstances, 20GP container is the smallest container, and it can contain 24-26 CBM. If the goods exceed 11 CBM, then the shipping company will recommend the ship by FCL 20 GP container. The reasons are as followings:

1. FCL guarantees the safety of the goods and will not lose the goods.

2. Destination port charges are generally charged according to CBM. The larger CBM, the more you will pay at the destination port.

3. Relatively speaking, FCL will be cleared by local custom faster at the destination port.


Therefore, considering safety, economy and efficiency, if the goods exceed 16 CBM, we will advise customers to ship the products via FCL(full container load).


If the customer has doubts about this, Yishang will list the cost of LCL and FCL for the customer's reference. We will compare the price and security, to let customers receive satisfactory products.

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