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Metal Control Cabinet

The control cabinet is to assemble the switchgear, measuring instrument, protective appliance and auxiliary equipment in the closed or semi-closed metal cabinet or on the screen according to the electrical wiring requirements. The arrangement should meet the requirements of the normal operation of the power system, which is convenient for maintenance and does not endanger the person. And the safety of the surrounding equipment. In normal operation, the circuit can be switched on or off with the aid of a manual or automatic switch. In the event of malfunction or abnormal operation, the circuit or alarm is cut off by means of a protective device. The measuring instrument can display various parameters during operation, and can also adjust some electrical parameters to prompt or signal the deviation from the normal working state. Commonly used in various hair, distribution, and substation.

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The control cabinet also includes many kinds of electrical control cabinets, frequency control cabinets, low voltage control cabinets, high voltage control cabinets, water pump control cabinets, power control cabinets, explosion control cabinets, elevator control cabinets, PLC control cabinets, fire control cabinets, brick machines. Control cabinets and more.

PS frame type universal control cabinet process characteristics introduction

1. The 25mm and 2.5mm thick mounting plates of the cabinet door are 20mm wide U-shaped flanges on both sides, which makes the mounting plate stronger and easier to handle.

2. The three cables at the bottom of the box are imported into the cover plate, which can be replaced with each other, easy to move, easy to introduce cables, and easy to open the holes.

3. There are grounding bolts on the door of the box. 5. The load-bearing hinges are easy to install, and it is easy to change the doors. The door can be opened 130°.

4. The plastic sliding device can use the plastic sliding device to pass the guide rail, and the mounting plate can be pushed into the cabinet from the front of the cabinet. 7. The solid rectangular frame can not only strengthen the strength of the front door, but also can be used to fix and install electrical components. The door is installed with a horizontal bar).

5. Tthe back plate can be easily installed, fixed with screws; can also be replaced with cabinet doors.

6. Standard MS821 lock, lock the door at three points of upper, middle and lower.

7. Sealing ring: Polyurethane foam sealing strip to ensure the degree of protection.

8. Add a waterproof edge at the door frame to match the door seal to prevent water and dust from falling into the cabinet.

9. (single door) left and right interchangeable door design, easy to use. Standard modular mounting holes for easy installation.

10. Internal lights, easy to install and test (optional).

11. File bags, convenient on-site work (optional).

12. Install the beam and install it in the cabinet without using the mounting plate (optional).

13. Fan and filter, to ensure ventilation inside the cabinet, protection grade IP54 (optional)

14. Base, fixed, movable, easy to disassemble and install (optional).

15. Double mounting plate, large installation capacity (optional).

16. Door mounting bar, easy to install.

17. The full frame side panel, front and rear doors, top and bottom panels of the cabinet can be removed, which can adapt to various requirements and facilitate installation and maintenance.

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1. Disconnect the power supply and check that the rack of the control cabinet has a reliable grounding and that the grounding resistance is not more than 4Ω.

2. The control cabinet has different voltages (DC 110V; AC single-phase 220V; three-phase AC), the circuit must be clearly identified during maintenance to prevent short-circuit accidents.

3. All electrical switches on the control cabinet should be flexible and reliable, with no significant noise. There should be no looseness at the junction and the terminal of the connecting wire. The wire at the junction of the moving contact cable should be free of breakage.

4. Use a soft brush or blower to remove the dust from the panel insert and all the electromagnetic switch parts, and check the status of the electrical switch contacts in the control cabinet, the contact conditions, the insulation of the coil appearance and the action of the mechanical components.

5. When replacing the fuse, the fuse current should match the current of the loop.

Basic role

The control cabinet is mainly used for high-rise buildings without tower water supply, fire-fighting deep well pump constant pressure water supply, etc. According to the real-time water working conditions, the closed-loop adjustment of the pump speed is required. The well-known brand inverter, intelligent controller, pressure sensor and water pump are used to form a closed-loop control system. .

Multi-pump control, stable pipe network pressure, improved water supply quality, reduced secondary pollution, high power saving efficiency, can achieve unattended automatic control system without tower water supply.

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