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Is the display stand securely packaged?

1. Packaging method:

1) Plastic bag: The display stand is usually used of PO or PE plastic bag, and the plastic bag of 0.03mm - 0.05mm thickness can be used according to the weight of the display stand.

2) Foam: The display stand is conventionally used of polyurethane foam or phenolic foam. A foam having a density of 7 kg/m3, 8 kg/m3, 9/m3 or 10/m3 may be used depending on the weight of the display stand.

3) Carton: The export display stand is usually used a 5-layer corrugated carton. A 7-layer corrugated carton is recommended for large and heavy products.

4) Paper angle bead: Our company routinely uses L-shaped paper angle beads, the regular size is 50*50*5mm, and can also be customized according to the actual situation of the product.

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2. Packaging test:

The first package of the batch display stand must use the sample for crash testing. After testing, open the package to check for damage or deviation from the product and ensure that the package is secure.

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