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How to solve the problem of pressing mold?

We usually encounter these problems during the production of sheet metal:

T = 0.8, according to the principle of selection of the mold, V = 5X0.8 = 4mm.4v the distance from the center to the side is 3.5 mm, and the size within 2.9 mm is 2.9-0.8 = 2.1 mm, and the bending dimension is from the center line to the side of v Within the distance, it is impossible to locate when it is installed.

Using the lower mold to reverse the assembly, the upper mold will press the post-fixation, and both the front and the back will not work. How to solve this problem?



1. It is possible to add a gasket (not to exceed 3T) before the back gauge, so that the back gauge can be retreated and avoid the upper mold.

2. If the other end is 3, the other end can be used as the other end.

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