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How to make glossy and matte effects on the same part?

On the same piece of part that can not be disassembled, making half of the glossy and half matte effect, the production process is complicated. If customers really need it, Yishang will provide the most realistic advice, so that customers can get the products of what they want.

The steps to be processed are as follows:

1. First, powder coat the matte (or glossy) on the entire part.

2. Second, cover the required matte (or glossy) shape with paper as needed for the drawing. This step is very important, the shape covered with paper must be accurate, otherwise the effect will not be satisfactory.

3. Finally, paint glossy (or matte) treatment.

As the process and treatment of powder coating and painting are different, we can use their respective characteristics to achieve this special effect. Such products are very beautiful and special, and more and more become a trend.

YISHANG -How To Make Glossy And Matte Effects On The Same Part, Yishang

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