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Different Types Of Metal Enclosures

YISHANG -Different Types Of Metal Enclosures, Zhongshan Yishang Metal Products Co, Ltd
All devices, appliances and systems contain a large number of electronic, electrical, mechanical and other components. If the components are exposed they may be tampered or damaged, especially by pests like rats, while chew cables. When in use, electric current is passing through the component, and accidentally touching the component can result in an electric shock. The metal enclosure can also be used to limit access. Hence manufacturers of a wide range of consumer, industrial products are looking for a reliable metal enclosure manufacturer like Yishang Metal Products Co., Ltd. (, who can supply almost any kind of Metal Enclosure they require at a reasonable price. 

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Indoor/Outdoor use/IP class

Depending on the requirement of the customer, the sheet metal enclosure may be designed for indoor or outdoor use. If the metal enclosure is being placed outdoors, it will be subjected to harsh environmental conditions like heavy rainfall, snowfall, winds and flooding so it must be designed accordingly. In many cases, the enclosure which is kept outdoors should be designed so that no water will enter the enclosure even during heavy rainfall or flooding. Hence along with the other details of the enclosure, the degree of Ingress protection, IP class should also be specified by the customer.

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One of the main factors determining the price and delivery of the metal enclosure is the material which is being used for the box. Based on the budget, environmental conditions and application, the buyer can specified the material used. Stainless steel is widely used for many applications since it is durable and does not get corroded. There are different grades of stainless steel like SS201, SS304 and SS316. However stainless steel is expensive, so many businesses with a limited budget prefer to get their metal enclosure made from galvanized or cold rolled steel. Aluminum is also used for making metal enclosures since it is light weight and does not get corroded easily when exposed to high moisture levels.Yishang provide custom aluminum enclosure.

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Since metal enclosures made from mild steel or cold rolled steel will get rusted quickly especially if they are used in areas where humidity levels are high, they are usually painted or powder coated to prevent corrosion. Most organizations will require the enclosure to be painted in a particular color depending on the design of appliance, decor of the area where the enclosure is being placed. Yishang Metal Products Co., Ltd. can supply metal enclosures painted in the exact color shade specified by the customer. If required, the enclosure is painted in multiple colors as specified.
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Yishang Metal Products Co., Ltd. can supply any kind of sheet metal enclosures which is required by the customer. The size of the metal enclosure can vary from a small metal donation box to a panel which is a few feet in height. The customer has to provide complete details of the metal box including the thickness of the material, exact grade of the material and detailed engineering drawings . Yishang has the latest manufacturing equipment for producing the enclosures so that metal boxes and other enclosures are manufactured exactly as per the engineering drawing. All the products manufactured are subjected to strict quality control measures to ensure that they conform to the specifications of the customer.
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Locking and other features

A large number of companies require a lockable metal enclosure, since the main purpose of using the enclosure is to keep the components inside secure, and prevent unauthorized access. The customer can specify the type of locking arrangement required for the enclosure, so that suitable arrangements can be made for installing the locking mechanism. In other cases, the metal enclosure may have a glass door or transparent plastic cutout so that the people can view the status of the components inside, yet are unable to open the enclosure and tamper with it.


Metal enclosures are used for a wide range of applications ranging from electrical power systems, storage systems to advertising displays. They are used most extensively for electrical applications, since exposed electric cables and other components can cause electric shocks if touched by an unauthorized person. They are also used for electronics like computers since the components can get easily damaged if exposed to water, high moisture levels. The metal enclosure are also widely used for storage of raw material, finished goods, tools and other supplies. Thus Yishang Metal Products Co., Ltd. , the professional metal enclosure manufacturer can supply almost any kind of metal enclosure which a business may require.


Yishang Metal Products Co., Ltd. insists the value of “customer first, employee second, shareholder third”. Aim at saving cost for customers and providing good quality metal enclosures to customers. Quality is the culture in Yishang! You can know more about us from Yishang’s website or contact their email if you need their help!

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