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Custom Wholesale Contertop Acrylic Cosmetic Display Stand Suppliers

Custom Wholesale Contertop Acrylic Cosmetic Display Stand Suppliers

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Custom Wholesale Contertop Acrylic Cosmetic Display Stand Suppliers


1. Conventional size: length 230 * width 215 * height 305 mm.

2. Customized size is available.


1. Transparent acrylic

1) advertising board: the thickness is 1.0mm-2.0mm.

2) bottom plate: the thickness is from 20.0mm to 30.0mm.

2. Advertising paper: commonly used A4, according to the need to choose A3 or A5.

Acrylic Color

1. Transparent and colorless

2. Transparent and colored

3. Translucent colorless

4. Translucent color

5. Opaque and colored

Acrylic Surface

1. Bright side: high transparency, bright, no bubble, is the basic quality requirements of bright side acrylic.

2. Frosted surface: not easy to leave finger marks.Lamplight illuminate, also won't cause material surface 

to reflect light.

Disassembly Structure

1. Disassemble structure, the advertising board is movable, and the buyer can insert or take out the advertising 

board from the bottom freely.

2. The packaging cost and transportation cost of the disassembly structure are 50% lower than that of the 

whole structure.


1. Yishang provide 3D design for free.

2. Yishang can customize according to buyer's requirements.

Product Details



YISHANG -Custom Wholesale Acrylic Cosmetic Display Stand Suppliers
Advertising Board

1. Advertising board size

1) general practice: W220 * D5 * H280 mm, suitable for A4 advertising paper.

2) customization: the size of advertising board can be customized according to the size of advertising paper.

2. Advertising board slot

1) general: slot width is 1.0mm.

2) customization: suitable slot width can be customized according to the type and thickness of advertising paper.

3. Semicircular hole

There is a semicircular hole in the middle of the advertising board to facilitate the removal of advertising paper. If this hole is not present, you will need to use some small tools to remove the advertising paper after it is inserted into the advertising board.

YISHANG -Custom Wholesale Acrylic Cosmetic Display Stand Suppliers-1
Base Board

1. Logo methods

1) laser engraving: the logo appears in white and cannot highlight the brand.

2) screen printing: logo color is optional, font is matt.

3) UV printing: logo color is optional and can be made into glossy and three-dimensional logo.

2. Base board slot

1) the advertising board can be directly inserted into the slot of the base board, and can be easily taken out.

2) the width of the slot is 5mm and the depth is 10mm. The width can be customized according to the thickness of the advertising board. Depth can range from 10mm to 20mm, the deeper the depth, the stronger the advertising board.

3. Digging holes on the surface of the base board

1) in order to keep skin care products, cosmetics, perfumes and other products firmly fixed in the position, holes of corresponding size can be dug on the surface of the base board according to the size of the product.

2) the recommended depth of the hole is between 2.0mm and 5.0mm.

4. Paste the advertisement at the bottom

1) buyers can paste advertisements on the bottom of the bottom plate as needed to highlight the brand information again.

2) ordinary paper, cardboard or PVC foam board can be used for advertising.

How to remove scratches that on acrylic surface?


1. The general transparent acrylic surface small scratches can be wiped with chamois leather stained with toothpaste, repeatedly wipe a few times can be restored.

2. Deep scratches:

1) use sandpaper (the thinnest one) and add water to smooth the scratch and its surrounding areas.

2) rinse with water and then wipe with chamois leather and toothpaste.

3) if scratches are still visible, it means that the depth of sandpaper grinding is not enough.

About Packaging 


Packaging specifications

1) Disassemble packaging, package size: 105 * 380 * 290 mm.

2) Each makeup stand is packaged independently.

3) One main carton contains 10 cosmetics display stands.

Packing Materials

1. Plastic bags:

Thickness: 0.01mm-0.15mm (commonly used 0.03mm-0.05mm for display rack packaging plastic bags).

2. Bubble:     

Conventional thickness of 30mm, or according to the need to choose 10mm, 20mm or more than 30mm, the recommended thickness is not more than 50mm.          

3. Carton:

Number of carton layers: there are 3, 5 and 7 layers in general. It is recommended to use 5 layers for general export products and 7 layers for large and heavy products.                                                      

What do we need in the early communication for custom display stands?



1. Picture, size and weight of products.

2. Target grade and usage scenario.

3. Free 3d sketch and rendering.

4. 24-hour online service.                                         

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