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Custom Stainless Steel Enclosure For Canada Customer

Customer Thomas is the purchasing manager of a Canadian coffee machine brand. In 2019, Thomas's company is developing a new coffee machine. One of the components of the new coffee machine is a stainless steel enclosure. Thomas has more than 10 years of purchasing experience and is very cautious about choosing the right stainless steel enclosure supplier.

Thomas's worries:

1. The size can be 100% according to the drawings?

2. Stainless steel surface will not scratch?


Why does Thomas choose us?


1. Recommended the appropriate material for Thomas

 On October 15, 2019, Thomas contacted us on the website, and the salesman learned about the product usage from Thomas and immediately analyzed the product drawings. Thomas did not specify which stainless steel material to use. For food-grade materials, the salesman suggested that Thomas use 304 or 316 material and the surface is polished or brushed. Finally, Thomas confirmed the use of polished 304 stainless steel.


 2. Within five hours of quotation, the price is competitive

 After confirming the details of the drawings with Thomas, the salesman, technician, and price clerk cooperated with each other to make the quotation within 5 hours. We are a manufacturer, not only competitively priced, but also have 23 years of rich production experience. On the day of Thomas enquiry, Thomas confirmed to customize the stainless steel casing model in our company.


3. Skilled production technology

1) In the process of bending, in order to avoid the indentation or scratching of the outer stainless steel casing, two layers of protective adhesive paper were covered after the workpieces were laser cut.

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2) In the welding process, because the angle of the stainless steel casing is short and the stainless steel material is very hard, the welded joint is easy to burst. The welder was fixed by a professional welding fixture, and the welding method was used to make the splicing of the corners firmer. After the welding was cooled, the fixture was removed.

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3) In order to restore the polished surface of the stainless steel after welding, the weld mark was first removed by first grinding, and then the polishing surface was restored using a polishing machine.

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4. Completed the sample in two days

 The sample can reflect the capabilities of a company, and we have carried out strict quality inspections on every aspect of the sample production. In order for Thomas to receive the sample as soon as possible, the production departments cooperated and completed the stainless steel enclosure sample within two days.


5. Technician and salesman inspected sample

To ensure that the finished product meet Thomas' requirements, the technician worked with the salesman to measure the accuracy of all dimensions and to inspect the surface for scratches.

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These reasons are why Thomas chose us. Regardless of the large or small order amount, we will carefully complete each order and be responsible for each customer. If you need a custom stainless steel enclosure or other metal enclosures, Yishang will be a good choice!

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