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Custom Metal Tableware and Food Recycle Bin Station

Custom Metal Tableware and Food Recycle Bin Station

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Custom Metal Tableware and Food Recycle Bin Station.


Custom size.


Cold rolled steel plate, 201 stainless steel plate, stainless steel pipe, etc. 

1. Cold rolled steel plate: the thickness of this type of product is recommended to be 1.0mm-1.2mm for conventional 


2. Stainless steel plate (201/304/316) : the recommended material thickness is 0.7mm-1.0mm.

Surface Treatment

1. Regular color: white or black spray powder.

2. Customized color: it can be customized according to pantone or RAL color card.(the round pipe and shoe support 

can be two different colors) 


1. Cold rolled steel: black, white or orange, you can choose from Pantone or RAL.

2. Stainless steel: brushed, polished, sandblasted or electroplated.


1.You can order a metal recycle bin sample to test.
2. If your delivery time is urgent, we can rush the production time for you.

Custom Service

We can customize the metal recycle bin according to your requirements.

Product Details



YISHANG -Custom Metal Tableware And Food Recycle Bin Station on Yishang

1. Material: cold-rolled steel plate and 201 stainless steel.

2. Size: 3000 X1725X 1025mm.

3. Color: orange, can be customized to any color.

4. Stainless steel frame: use screws to fix the 12 pieces of orange back plate.

5. Collision barrier: made of 201 stainless steel tubes.

6. Garbage bag storage area: 

1) The garbage bag storage position is also set inside the guardrail. The table top is made of brushed stainless steel plate.When the bag is suspended in the ring, it is easy to pick up and drop the rest of the trash.

2) Bottom: there are two cabinets for storing some cleaning items.

3) Lock: use mailbox lock to fix the door plate. You can also choose the following different locks according to different needs.

YISHANG -Custom Metal Tableware And Food Recycle Bin Station on Yishang-1
Tray and Food Recycle Bin

1. Material: cold-rolled steel plate.

2. Size: 1500 X570X 1600mm.

3. Color: orange can be customized to any color according to the pantone color card.

4. Recycle bin: the whole cabinet adopts circular arc design, simple and beautiful.

5. Top and back plate: laser metal mark is fixed on the back plate by screws.

6. Bottom: set the location where the pallet cart is stored. 

7. Trash can: there is a window that can automatically flip over so as to dump the kitchen waste. When the trash is full, open the door and replace the bag.

YISHANG -Custom Metal Tableware And Food Recycle Bin Station on Yishang-2
Tray Recycle Cart

1. Material: cold-rolled steel plate and 201 stainless steel.

2. Dimensions: 410 x 480 x 1170mm.

3. Pallet cart: it can be moved freely, succinct and beautiful.

4. Top: can store food and trays.

5. Side logo: stick self-adhesive paper on the side board. You can also choose the following processing methods:

1) Silk-screen printing: it can save cost. However, it can only print simple fonts and patterns, which are easy to fade after a long time.

2) UV printing: logo has a three-dimensional, it is more flexible, can print more complex fonts and patterns, and not easy to fade.

3) Mounting picture: the content of the picture can be freely selected, and the flexibility is very strong.

7. Putter: it is made of round pipe.

8. Middle part: with 8 layers of stainless steel tray bracket. People can pick up the tray at any time.

9. The pulley:

1) Brake pulley: flat or sloping ground is applicable, can not only move at will, but also firmly fixed in the position.

YISHANG -Custom Metal Tableware And Food Recycle Bin Station on Yishang-3

2) Ordinary pulley: it is only suitable for flat and straight ground. Although it can be moved at will, it is not conducive to the fixation of the display frame.

YISHANG -Custom Metal Tableware And Food Recycle Bin Station on Yishang-4

About Custom Services


1. Customers shall provide sketch, product usage, target price or designated materials, process requirements, quantity and service time.

2. R&D team provides free 3D design drawing to you.

3. Foreigh trade team provides 24-hour online service.

Installation Speed


1. It only takes two people half an hour to install the whole pallet recycling station.

2.The installation cost is not expensive as the installation time is short.

About Packaging 


YISHANG -Custom Professional Metal Makeup Display Stand - Yishang Display-6

Plastic bags:

We usually use the 0.05mm thick PE or PO bag for the metal recycle bin.

White foam:

We usually use the 30mm thick white foam for the metal recycle station. 10mm or 20mm can be used, but we don't recommend to use.


We usually use corrugated carton for export display racks. There are 3, 5 and 7 layers in general. We recommend to use 5 layers for general export products and 7 layers for large and heavy products.


Wooden pallet and plastic pallet can be customized according to product size.

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