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Custom Metal Bra Underwear and Socks Display Rack

Custom Metal Bra Underwear and Socks Display Rack

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Stainless Steel
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Sample is 5 - 7 Days. Bulk is 20 - 25 Days.
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Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhongshan
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5000 pcs / Month
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Model Number


Product Name

Custom Metal Bra Underwear and Socks Display Rack


1. Standard size: W370 x D370 x H1355mm

2. Customized size: the size can be customized according to needs. In order to ensure aesthetics, it is 

recommended not to exceed 1500mm.


1. Stainless steel: general indoor use 201 stainless steel, coastal areas can choose 304 stainless steel indoor.

The thickness of the material can be used from 0.8mm to 1.0mm.

2. Acrylic: can choose white plate or color plate, the thickness of 1.5mm - 3.0mm.

Surface Treatment

1. Stainless steel: polished surface is adopted by our company.Buyers can choose drawing, sand steel, sandblasting

or electroplating according to their preferences.For electroplating, you can choose colors such as gold, rose gold, 

bronze, etc.

2. Acrylic: it is suggested to be colored and opaque.

Assembly Structure

1. There is little difference between the assembly package volume and the disassembly package volume, which does not 

affect the packaging cost and transportation cost.

2. No installation, can be used in unpacking, saving time and installation cost.


1. Free 3D sketch.

2. We can customize according to your requirements.

Product Details



YISHANG -Custom Metal Bra Underwear And Socks Display | Clothing Display

1. Types of header

1) Acrylic header: opaque white plate or opaque color plate can be used.Lightweight, environmental protection, our company used.

2) Metal header: can use iron powder spraying or stainless steel.

3) PVC header: white PVC board or color PVC board can be used.

2. Logo methods

1) screen printing: cost saving, but screen printing can only print simple fonts and patterns, which are easy to fade after a long time.

2) UV printing: logo has three-dimensional sense and smooth surface, which is flexible and can print complex fonts and patterns, and is not easy to fade.

3) Mounted picture: the content of the picture can be freely selected and has great flexibility, but it needs to be mounted on the top card manually, so the cost is high.

3. Fixed mode:

1) Insert the header directly into the stainless steel slot and lock it with screws. Suitable for acrylic, metal and PVC header.

2) There is no need for stainless steel groove, and the header is directly welded to the display rack, which is only suitable for metal header.

YISHANG -Custom Metal Bra Underwear And Socks Display | Clothing Display-1
Wave Bracket

1. Stainless steel flat tube

1) Original specification: 10 * 30 * 1 mm.

2) Other specifications: 10 * 20 mm, 20 * 40 mm or other specifications can be selected as required.

2. Bracket shape

1) Original shape: wavy on the front and linear on the back.

2) Customized shape: both front and back are wavy or both front and back are linear.Other shapes can also be customized according to your preferences.

3. Connection with the base

1) Insert the base, and then fix it by welding.

2) Insert the base and fix it with screws.

YISHANG -Custom Metal Bra Underwear And Socks Display | Clothing Display-2
Hanging Rod

1. Tool-free installation of hanging rod

M4 screws with length of 30mm are distributed on both sides of the wavy bracket, and the length of the screws is recommended to be within 20mm-40mm.And the hanging rod embedded with threaded accessories, can be directly fixed on the bracket without tools, easy to remove.

2. Hanging rod size

1) General size: diameter 10mm, length 150mm

2) Customized size: the recommended diameter is between 8mm-15mm and the length is between 100mm-300mm.

3. Non-slip cap

A round cap 4mm larger than the diameter of the hanging rod is welded to the end of each hanging rod to prevent the goods from sliding from the hanging rod.The diameter of the round cap is recommended to be between 10mm and 20mm.

4. Layer number

1) The original design has 3 floors

2) Increase or decrease the number of layers according to actual needs.For aesthetics, it is recommended not to be more than 6 floors and not less than 3 floors.

YISHANG -Custom Metal Bra Underwear And Socks Display | Clothing Display-3

1. Base size

1) General size: 270mm * 270mm * 50mm

2) Customized size: it can be customized according to needs.For stability and aesthetics, it is recommended that the side length should not be less than 200mm or 350mm.

2. Base shape

1) Regular shape: square

2) Customized shape: rectangle, triangle, oval or other shapes can be selected as required.

3. Panel

1) Acrylic panel: suggest opaque color, black, white, blue or other colors.

2) Metal panel: stainless steel or iron powder can be used.

4. Foot

1) Adjusting foot: it can be used on uneven ground, adjust the height of the foot according to the actual situation of the ground, and maintain the balance of the display frame.

YISHANG -Custom Metal Bra Underwear And Socks Display | Clothing Display-4

2) Ordinary feet: fixed distance from the ground, not adjustable.

YISHANG -Custom Metal Bra Underwear And Socks Display | Clothing Display-5

What advantages does Yishang have for custom displays?


1. Free 3D sketches and renderings.

2. 24-hour online service.

3. Communicated by phone and email, completes the design and quotation within 24 hours.

4. For face-to-face communication, sales staff, technicians and price checkers cooperate with each other to complete the design and quotation within 2 hours.

5. The delivery time of simple custom displays is within 7 days, and that of complex custom displays is 15 - 20 days.

About Packaging 


Plastic bags:

Thickness: 0.01mm-0.15mm (commonly used 0.03mm-0.05mm for display rack packaging plastic bags).


Conventional thickness of 30mm, or according to the need to choose 10mm, 20mm or more than 30mm, the recommended thickness is not more than 50mm.          


Number of carton layers: there are 3, 5 and 7 layers in general. It is recommended to use 5 layers for general export products and 7 layers for large and heavy products.                                                      

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