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Custom Gold Metal Tube Fabrication and Metal Frame

Zhongshan Yishang Metal Products Co., LTD was established in 1996.

customizing nonstandard brand display racks and showcases, outdoor products, decorations, metal(plate) products, metal signs, metal letters, advertising light boxes and so on.

Our company has a unique and innovative design technology, using advanced and precise machine equipments: laser welding, laser machine, precise CNC punching, bending, shearing machine, shear Powder coating workshop etc. Because of these advanced machine equipments, we are able to make angled, flat and seamless products which are fashionable and beautiful!

Metal bracket material selection:

1. The conventional plates are: cold-rolled pipe, galvanized pipe, stainless steel pipe (201/304/316). You can choose the above materials to customize the metal pipe according to different areas.

2. Use in outdoor areas: cold rolled pipe, galvanized pipe, 201 stainless steel pipe.

3. Recommended for outdoor or acid areas: 304 and 316 stainless steel tubes.



1. Laser cutting: laser cutting machine according to CAD3 dimensional drawings of any shape and pattern of metal square tube.

The glyphs are precise, not shaped, the cutting lines are more sleek, more beautiful, and the transition is more natural. There is no thermal cutting damage to the physical properties such as color and smoothness of the material.

2. Grinding: After welding, use the grinder to grind and weld the surface of the metal pipe.

3. Brushing: After the surface of the metal bracket is polished, the surface of the square tube is drawn.

Surface Treatment:

Electroplating: A process of attaching a metal film to the surface of a metal or other material by electrolysis to prevent oxidation (such as rust) of the metal, improve wear resistance, electrical conductivity, light reflectivity, corrosion resistance (copper sulfate, etc.) ) and enhance the appearance of beauty. You can choose different plating colors from the plating color card according to your needs.


Quality Inspection:

After the plating is completed, the plating color check is performed according to the production customer's confirmation of the plating color card.

Purpose: The batch color and color card are consistent.


The packaging method is foam, plastic bags and export KAA cartons to protect the product name from damage.

Each product name is packaged in a carton that can be printed with the buyer's own trademark. A warm welcome to custom packaging configurations.

Each package will be crash tested to ensure it is strong enough and will not cause problems during shipping.

In this way, we can ensure that our customers get the perfect product.

Feedback from Customer:

As you can see from the video, we first weld the bottom plate and the pallets on both sides, since the bottom plate is the support point for the entire bracket. We use a tight weld to machine this bottom. The following is a feedback picture after the customer receives the finished product.

As shown, you can see the plating effect and the finished installation effect. Yishang can make your idea into a real product. Customer recognition is the source of our continuous innovation and support.

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