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Custom Gold Girls Jewelry Holder Earring Display Stand

Custom Gold Girls Jewelry Holder Earring Display Stand

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Metal + Wood
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20 – 25 Days
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Sample is 7 - 10 Days. Bulk is 20 - 25 Days.
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Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhongshan
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5000 pcs / Month
50 pieces
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Custom Gold Girls Jewelry Holder Earring Display Stand


1. Original design size: W130*D50*H180 mm

2. Buyers can customize the size of T bracket and base according to the actual needs.


1. T bracket: steel rod, can use 3mm - 5mm diameter.

2. Base: wood, 15mm - 30mm thick.

Surface Treatment

1. T bracket: common colors such as black, white can choose powder coating. Special colors such as gold, red can 

be selected spray paint. Gold, rose gold, bronze and other colors can also be selected electroplating.

2. Base: heat transfer wood grain can be selected as dark wood grain or light wood grain. Paint in vintage colors.

Assembly Structure

1. Assembly structure, the package volume of the earring display stand is not much different from the disassembly 


2. Disassembly structure, T bracket diameter is small, difficult to use fastening accessories.Integral construction, 

T bracket is directly inserted into the base, it does not take time to install.


1. Free 3D sketch.

2. We can customize according to your requirements.

Product Details



YISHANG -Custom Gold Girls Jewelry Holder Earring Display | Retail Jewelry
T Bracket

1. Types of available materials

1) Carbon steel (iron) : the surface can be powder coated, spray painted, galvanized or chrome plated, suitable for self-employed shops.

2) Stainless steel: 201 stainless steel can be selected for general indoor use, 304 stainless steel can be used for indoor use in coastal areas. Stainless steel surface can be brushed, polished, sandblasted or electroplated, suitable for brand store use.

2. Number of t-shaped bracket

1) The original design contains 2 t-brackets.

2) T-type brackets can be reduced or increased as needed, and it is recommended to have no more than 4 brackets.

3. T bracket size

1) Size of high support: 100* 160mm long.

2) Short bracket size: long 100* high 110mm.

3) Buyers can customize the length and height according to the actual needs.

4. T-bracket design

1) Original design: horizontal design of the horizontal bar of one t-bracket and inclined design of the horizontal bar of the other t-bracket.

2) Customized design: buyers can choose all horizontal design or all horizontal horizontal design according to their preferences.

YISHANG -Custom Gold Girls Jewelry Holder Earring Display | Retail Jewelry-1
Wood Base

1. Types of available materials

1) Wood: solid wood, plywood or medium fiber board can be selected. The price of solid wood is the highest, the price of plywood is medium, and the price of medium fiber board is the lowest.If buyer likes natural wood grain, suggest to use solid wood base.

2) Metal: choose iron or stainless steel, iron is cheaper than stainless steel.

2. Base size:

1) Common: length 70 * width 50* height 20mm.

2) Customization: suitable size can be customized according to the number of t-type brackets.

3. Edge chamfer

1) When the base material is wood, the edge can be chamfered. Chamfering width is 6mm and can be changed to 3mm, 4mm, 5mm or 7mm as desired.

2) Chamfering is expensive when the base material is metal, so chamfering is not recommended.

4. Base logo:

1) When the base material is wood, laser engraving, screen printing or UV printing can be used.

2) When the base material is metal, laser cutting, screen printing or UV printing can be used.

How to match the jewelry display stand?


In order to spare buyers time to look for matching necklaces, bracelets and earrings, yiyishuang has specially designed jewelry display racks of the same series to enhance the brand image of different brands of jewelry.

YISHANG -Find Manufacture About Custom 4 Tier Unique Body Jewelry Displays-2

The first and third pieces in the picture are good for earrings, the second for necklaces, and the fourth for bracelets or bracelets.

Since 1996, yishang has been focusing on customized display racks, providing 24-hour online service and providing design and quotation within 48 hours.Welcome friends from all over the world to consult!

About Packaging 


Packing methods:

1. Each earring display rack is equipped with an independent white box or kraft paper box. The inner box size: 200*150*50mm

2. One main carton contains 20 pieces of earrings display rack.

Packing Materials

1. Plastic bags:

Thickness: 0.01mm-0.15mm (commonly used 0.03mm-0.05mm for display rack packaging plastic bags).

2. Bubble:     

Conventional thickness of 30mm, or according to the need to choose 10mm, 20mm or more than 30mm, the recommended thickness is not more than 50mm.          

3. Carton:

Number of carton layers: there are 3, 5 and 7 layers in general. It is recommended to use 5 layers for general export products and 7 layers for large and heavy products.                                                      

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