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Custom Cosmetic Display Stand For USA Customer

Client Jeffrey is a project manager of an international trading company in the United States. In June 2019, they designed a cosmetic display stand for a cosmetics brand in the United States. Looked for display stand suppliers to produce their design in August 2019.


Jeffrey's concern: 

If there is a problem during the production of the display stand,  the factory does not have enough capacity to solve it.

Why did Jeffrey choose us?

1. Quoted Within 12 Hours

After receiving Jeffrey's 3D drawing, the technical department analyzed the drawing as soon as possible. This cosmetic display stand is mainly composed of removable metal tubes, transparent acrylic laminates and header. Although it is not a single material display stand, according to Jeffrey's drawing, we provided a reasonable price within 12 hours.

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2. Recommended Colors

For the base of the cosmetic display stand, Jeffrey needs white, black and red. Because the transparent acrylic shelf is shiny under the light, we also recommended powder coating high gloss white, black and red color cards to Jeffrey at the same time as the quotation.

Jeffrey received quotations from 5 suppliers in total. He said that our quotations are not cheap, but he thought that our quotation was fast and the service is in place. Jeffrey did not make a prototype, and he directly placed a trial order for 60 sets of the cosmetic display stands.


3. The Sample For Mass Production To Ensure Smooth Production

For custom display stands, if there is no sample before the batch order, our company will make a sample before the mass production to ensure the subsequent mass production smoothly without delaying the delivery time. After the order was scheduled for production, the technical department, management department and production workshop cooperated with each other to complete the various parts of the cosmetic display stand sample in two days.

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4. Design Problems, 2 Solutions Provided Within 4 Days

After the various parts of the display stand were installed, our company tested the sample. There were 6 layers of metal tubes in the makeup display stand, and the metal tubes in each layer can be connected. However, because the connection design between the metal tube and the acrylic laminate is not strong, the entire display stand was swung and became very unstable.

Our company spent 2 days discussing the solution (increasing the size of the connecting fittings in the metal tube) and producing the second metal tube samples, but the display stand was still unstable after installation.

In this regard, our company found the final solution again in 2 days (the original 6-layer metal tube needs to be connected, now only 2 long metal tubes are connected, and then the short metal tube is directly inserted into the long pipe, as shown in the picture) and produced the third metal tube and the new acrylic laminate samples. After the metal tubes and acrylic laminates were installed, the display stand no longer swung.

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5.Strict Mass Production Control

Before production, the purchaser inspected the metal pipes and acrylic raw materials to ensure that the thickness meet the customer's requirements.

During mass production, the management team planed, supervised and controlled each process to ensure product quality.

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The operator of each production process must checked whether the dimensions, angles, structures, etc. meet the drawing standards. The product size tolerance was controlled within 0.1mm-0.2mm. Installation test was performed before and after the surface treatment. After the surface treatment was completed, checked whether the product surface meets the standard.

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The salesperson took photos and videos at each production link and shared them with customers, so that customers understand the production process and progress.

6.Package Collision Test

 After the order was confirmed, the technical department typeset the packaging method. Before batch packaging, use the sample to perform a crash test, and then opened the packaging to check whether the makeup display stand is damaged or out of position.


These are the reasons why Jeffrey chose to cooperate with us for a long time! Yishang has 23 years of rich experience in the production of display racks. We can provide free 3D design drawings and quotations according to your requirements within 24 hours! If you need to customize display stands, please contact us at

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