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Custom Commercial Store Metal Display Racks Manufacturers

Custom Commercial Store Metal Display Racks Manufacturers

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Metal + Acrylic
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Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhongshan
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Custom Commercial Store Metal Display Racks Manufacturers


1. Standard size: 645*645*1845mm (height with first brand)

2. Customized size: in order to facilitate customers of different heights to get goods, the height of 

metal display rack is not more than 1900mm.


1. Cold-rolled plate: the thickness of the plate can be 0.8mm - 1.2mm, and our company chooses 1.0mm.

2. Round iron pipe: tube wall thickness can be 0.8mm - 1.2mm, and our company chooses 1.0mm. This product 

uses two sizes of round tube, the diameter is 35mm (inner tube) and 38mm (outer tube) respectively.                                           

3. Transparent acrylic: the thickness of the acrylic can be 1.0mm to 3.0mm, and our company chooses 2.0mm.

Surface Treatment

1. Powder coating: The standard is white powder. Other special colors can be customized, but the order quantity

 is 200 sets.

2. Spray painting: the order quantity is small, specify a special color, it is recommended to use spray paint, but the 

cost of painting is more expensive than powder coating.

Disassembly Structure

1. The packaging size of the whole structure of the store display rack is 730*730*1920mm, while the packaging size 

of the disassembly structure is only 730*730*1000mm, saving packaging and transportation costs.

2. This product is not regular cuboid or cuboid. The whole structure is difficult to be fixed in the carton, and it is easy to 

shake in the carton and cause some parts to break.

3. Only the logo on the top needs screws, and other parts only need to be directly nested. It takes one person 10-15 

minutes to complete the installation.


1. Free 3D sketch.

2. We can customize according to your requirements.

Product Details



YISHANG -Custom Commercial Metal Display Racks Manufacturers - Yishang
Rotating Structure

1. The store display rack has 4 layers of trays, each of which can rotate freely. 3 or 5 layers can be chosen according to actual needs, and no more than 5 layers are recommended.

2. This store display rack does not contain rolling bearings. The rotation relies on an inner circular tube with a diameter of 35mm as the shaft, and a circular tube with a diameter of 38mm as the shaft jacket. Simple structure and easy installation.

YISHANG -Custom Commercial Metal Display Racks Manufacturers - Yishang-1
Top Logo

1. Logo shape: circle, rectangle, square, triangle or other special shape can be selected as required.

2. The Logo is fastened on the tube in the following two ways:

1) screw fastening, remove the screw and change the new logo freely, suitable for acrylic, metal and andie board logo.

2) round tube with groove at the top, logo directly into the slot, no need to tighten screws.

3. The following types of logos can be used:

1) acrylic logo: thickness can be selected from 2mm to 3mm, suggest silk screen printing, UV printing or mounted painting.

2) metal logo: the thickness can be 0.8mm - 1mm. It is recommended to screen, UV printing or mounting.

3) PVC board logo: thickness can be chosen 3mm - 5mm, four-color printing or UV printing is recommended.

YISHANG -Custom Commercial Metal Display Racks Manufacturers - Yishang-2

The Tray

1. Quantity of trays:

There are 4 trays in each layer, 16 trays in total. Can be changed to a layer of 2 or 3 trays according to actual needs.

2. Tray shape:

We use circle, buyer can use square, triangle, oval or other special shape.

3. Tray height:

Tray height is too small will affect the stability of acrylic cover, tray height is too high will affect the appearance of the metal display rack. Therefore, our company suggests that the tray height of 10mm - 15mm is the most appropriate.

Acrylic Cover

1. Acrylic color: it is recommended to choose transparent colorless or transparent color, goods can be seen clearly in the cover.

2. Acrylic thickness: from the perspective of cost and aesthetics, it is recommended that 2.0mm - 4.0mm, and our company adopts 3mm.

3. The height of the acrylic cover can be selected according to the type of goods on display:

1) cosmetics: recommended height is 50mm - 80mm.

2) beverage: the recommended height is 80mm - 120mm.

3) candy: the recommended height is 100mm - 150mm.

4) the shape of the acrylic cover must be consistent with the tray, can be fixed to the tray.

YISHANG -Custom Commercial Metal Display Racks Manufacturers - Yishang-3

The Feet

1. Number of feet: our company use 4 feet to stabilize the whole commercial display rack, or 3 feet or 5 feet.

2.Feet shape:

1) our company adopts 25mm*25mm square iron pipe as the bottom, and can choose 30mm*30mm, 35mm*35mm, 40mm*40mm and other conventional sizes.

2) iron round pipe with diameter of 25mm-40mm can also be used as the feet.

3. Seal the pipe mouth in the following two ways:

1) rubber plug: adopt the common plastic rubber plug of corresponding size to seal the pipe mouth, which is easy, convenient and low cost. 

YISHANG -Custom Commercial Metal Display Racks Manufacturers - Yishang-4

2) welding metal sheet: welding the corresponding size of the iron sheet to seal the pipe mouth, this method needs to be polished after welding, the cost is twice as high as the rubber plug.

Why seal the nozzle? The material of the sole is iron. It is difficult to spray powder in the tube and easy to rust after long contact with air.Sealing the pipe orifice can not only slow down the rate of rust inside the pipe, but also ensure the aesthetics of the display frame.

The Castors

1. Brake casters (right picture): can be used on flat or inclined ground, not easily deviated from the original position, easy to use.

YISHANG -Custom Commercial Metal Display Racks Manufacturers - Yishang-5

2. Common casters (left picture): it can only be used on flat ground. It is easy to deviate from the original position when rotating.

How to avoid damage to the goods during loading container?


1. After the container reaches Yishang, the salesman shall first confirm whether the container is damaged or not.

2. During loading, supervise whether the goods are arranged according to the layout of the technical department, so as to avoid pressure injury. At the same time, confirm again whether the quantity of goods is consistent and whether the packing mark is correct.

3. Take photos to seal the container and report to the customer.

About Packaging 


Plastic bags:

Thickness: 0.01mm-0.15mm (commonly used 0.03mm-0.05mm for display rack packaging plastic bags).


Conventional thickness of 30mm, or according to the need to choose 10mm, 20mm or more than 30mm, the recommended thickness is not more than 50mm.          


Number of carton layers: there are 3, 5 and 7 layers in general. It is recommended to use 5 layers for general export products and 7 layers for large and heavy products.                                                      

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