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Custom Garment Shop Women Clothes Display Stand Rack

Custom Garment Shop Women Clothes Display Stand Rack

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Metal + Wood
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Sample: 7 days. Bulk quantity: 25 days.
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Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhongshan
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5000 pcs / Month
50 pieces
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Item Name

Custom Garment Shop Women Clothes Display Stand Rack

UsageThis clothes display stand can display dress, T-shirt, pants, sleepwear, swimwear, handbag, shoes and so on.


1. General dimension: W100 x D35 x H170 cm, W130 x D40 x H180 cm, W150 x D45 x H180 cm.

2. Custom dimension: it can be customized according to the display space in the store.


1. Round metal wire: common diameter is 8mm - 15mm.

2. Wood plate: common thickness is 15mm - 30mm.

Item Finish

1. Metal wire: powder coating. Common is white or black, other colors can be customized.

2. wood: paste wood grain and spray painting (varnish, hammer paint, orange paint, corrugated paint, flash 

paint, high gloss paint, flat paint, matte paint and wood wax)

Disassembly Structure

1.Tool-free installation, only 15 - 30 minutes for one person. The joint position is compact and does not 

affect the beauty of the clothes display rack.

2. Small packaging volume, saving 5 times of packaging cost. For the sample, the express fee can be saved 

by 15 times. For bulk, at least 3 times the shipping cost can be saved.


Warmly welcome you to purchase a sample to test the quality.


1. Free 3D design sketch and quotation within 48 hours.

2. Yishang offers custom services of all kinds of display rackss. 

Product Details


YISHANG -Custom Clothes Shop Clothes Display Stand Rack Supplier
Top of Logo

1. No logo on the top: it will be beautiful and cost saving.

2. Including logo on the top: it can highlight the brand and promote sales. The following two ways are suggested:

1) Acrylic logo with clip, free from tool installation and replacement.

2) The metal logo tightened with screws can be replaced after removing the screws.

3. How to prevent clothing from slipping?

In order to prevent clothing from slipping, can be added anti-skid accessories at both ends of the top. There are two kinds of accessories to choose from:

1) Screw type anti-skid accessories: if there is less clothing, you can  remove the anti-skid accessories without tools.

YISHANG -Custom Clothes Shop Clothes Display Stand Rack Supplier-1

2) Welding screw type: it is firm and cannot be removed.

YISHANG -Custom Clothes Shop Clothes Display Stand Rack Supplier-2
Wood Shelf

1. Material: wood, steel or acrylic sheet can be used. In order to match beautiful and save cost, we use light color pinewood.

2. Size:

1) The length we used is 940* 20mm, and the distance from the ground is 475mm (customizable).

2) The smaller the distance between the shelf and the ground, the larger the width of the shelf. The larger the distance between the shelf and the ground, the smaller the width of the shelf.

3. Installation methods:

1) The support bar shall be provided at both ends of the shelf, and size of the slot that under the wood shelf shall be corresponding diameters of support bar. The shelf can be directly placed on the support bar, and the beauty of the shelf will not be affected after the shelf is removed.(as shown in the picture) 

2) Both ends of the shelf are fixed on the wire with screws, and the screw head protrudes on the surface of the wire. Remove the screw and wood shelf, screw hole will be seen.

YISHANG -Custom Clothes Shop Clothes Display Stand Rack Supplier-3
Hanging Rod

1. Size of hanging rod: we use the length of 390mm, and the distance from the ground can be customized according to needs.

2. Quantity of hanging rod: we use one hanging rod on one side of the clothes display rack and can also add hanging rod on the other side. For beauty, no more than 3 hanging rods per side are recommended.

3. Fixed methods:

1) The welding method, it does not affect the beauty and cannot be removed (as shown in the picture).

2) Screw fastening method, the screw head will be seen and can be removed.

YISHANG -Custom Clothes Shop Clothes Display Stand Rack Supplier-4

1. Support width: it is recommended to be between 30mm and 45mm, and we choose 38mm.

2. Scratch-proof pad: the scratch-proof silicone pad or foam cotton pad can be added at the bottom 4 corners.

About Packaging


Plastic Bags

1. Type of plastic bag: the display racks are mainly used PO or PE plastic bags (non-toxic) in our factory.

2. Thickness of plastic bag: 0.03mm - 0.05mm is generally used to pack the display racks.

White Form

1. Types of foam: polyolefin foams are normally used, and polyurethane or phenolic foams can be selected as required.

2. Density of foam: normally used 7kg/m cubed, 8kg/m cubed, 9/m cubed, 10/m cubed. Other densities can also be selected according to the product.

3. Thickness of foam: normally used 3cm. 1cm, 2cm or more than 3cm can be selected according to needs, and the recommended thickness is not more than 5cm.

Master Carton

1. Type of carton: corrugated carton is used for export clothing display racks.

2. Number of carton levels: there are 3, 5 and 7 levels in general. It is recommended to use 5 levels for general export products and 7 levels for large and very heavy products.

Paper Angle Bead

1. Types: L-type paper corner guard, U-type paper corner guard, bent paper corner guard, waterproof paper corner guard, surround paper corner guard, special-shaped paper corner guard. The display stands usually use L-shaped paper corner guard.

2. Normal size: 3*3*0.3cm, 4*4*0.3cm, 4*4*0.4cm, 4*4*0.4cm, 4.5*4.5*0.3cm, 4.5*4.5*0.4cm, 4.5*4.5*0.7cm, 5*5*0.4cm, 5* 5*0.5cm, 8*8*0.4cm, 8*8*0.5cm, 8*8*0.7cm, can also be customized according to the actual needs.



This display rack is suitable for women's clothing store. Can it be changed to suit men's clothing store?

1) The four corners of the original design are rounded corners, which are replaced by right angles to highlight the geometric stereoscopic feeling.

2) The original design color is white, use black or gray to highlight the male charm.

3) The shelf of original design is wood with light color, use brunet wood shelf or hanging rod to replace shelf, add fashionable breath.

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