Our Advantages


Insisting the value of "customers first, workers second, shareholders third".

Elite business team: share product size, material, technology and finish with customers before sales. Supervise and report the production progress details to customers in on-purchase. Customer’s opinion is our biggest progress and encouragement in after-sales. 


Professional management team: responsible for the production cycle arrangement of new orders, tracking and reporting of old orders, aiming at technical improvement, strict quality control and guarantee delivery time. 


With unique and innovative design process, using a series of advanced equipments: CNC laser cutting machine, CNC stamping machine, CNC bending machine, CNC shearing machine, welding machine, rounding machine, normal punching machine, pipe cutting machine, polishing machine, drilling machine and riveting machine.


Also with the production key team, we can produce products that satisfy customers efficiently. 


1996 original company: Chuangda Stainless Steel Decoration Engineering


2012 upgraded company: Zhongshan Yishang Metal Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


2016 international company: Hong Kong (Zhongshan) Yishang Display Products Co., Ltd.

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