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Client visiting from The United States

The busy December is coming, and today we are welcoming Abner Silvrio engineers from the United States.

The purpose of this visit to YISHANG is to establish a long-term relationship with professional stainless steel products manufacturers for his hotel equipment.

After a year of communication, Abner finally chose to work with YISHANG.

In the process of communication, I learned that Abner has tried many suppliers in the past years to make hotel stainless steel products for him. But they all have many quality problems in succession. Abner is very worried.

YISHANG's design team and salesman understand the customer's pain points and requirements. According to the drawing requirements, combined with 20 years of production experience, provide appropriate modification plans to customers within 2 hours.

According to the new program, we have customized a sample. The customer saw the sample on site and checked the product for the first time. He was satisfied with the dimensions, angle, flatness and surface treatment of the product.

After some inspections, Abner told us that he was happy to see a perfect and high quality sample. The quality of this sample is better than he expected. He saw from the samples that we are in perfect production process and quality control.

Abner confirmed the number of first orders and details of other products on site.

YISHANG has always provided the best quality for customers from all walks of life in all countries with the most patient sales service, the most suitable solution and the most strict quality control management model with more than 20 production experience and honest business philosophy. Service and stable supply.

I hope that in the future, you will become a member of the YISHANG family just like Abner

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