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Case of Smart Touch Fingerprint from Iraq

Country: Iraq

Customer goal: looking for a professional manufacturer

Customer pain points: 1 It is far away from Chinese suppliers and cannot go to the factory for quality inspection. 2 Find a manufacturer with good surface treatment technology.

Product Name: Size touch fingerprint chassis


AL is a well-known smart touch fingerprint computer company in Iraq. This time, we cooperated with YS to customize two fingerprint shells. AL evaluated the production capacity, management capabilities and design capabilities of YS. In the end, AL chose YS cooperation among many manufacturers.


Ø  What is the reason AL will choose us?

can provide customers with the perfect design and production recommendations.

The terminal customer group of AL is set in the middle and high-end groups. Surface powder coating requires not easy to remove paint and high temperature resistance. After communicating and understanding the customer requirements, YS offers 2 different products to customers in 2 days.


Ø  Customized products are experienced and can provide reasonable design advice to customers.

In the packaging process, in order to prevent scratches on the acrylic surface, we recommend that the customer leave a protective film on the surface of the acrylic sheet to prevent the acrylic sheet from being scratched when the customer installs the product.


Yishang Company hopes to grow together with our customers, from small orders to big orders, and grow together!

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