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Business Department Summary Meeting

On Dec. 31, 2018, today is the year-end summary meeting of the business department in Yishang.

In the morning, we conducted the business year-end assessment, the noon is the salesman's personal summary of 2018 and plan of 2019. In the evening we also held an awards ceremony.

Congratulations to Marie for completing 100% of her 2018 goal and receiving a 2000 RMB award from the company.

Congratulations to Vivi and Vincy for being more than 10 sample orders and receiving a 500 RMB award from the company.

Thanks the company's support for the business department. Thanks our business consultant Mr. Han for his careful teaching.

Grateful 2018 and outlook 2019, Yishang will design and customize high quality products for new and old customers with the best quality sales services and the most perfect production quality control management mode.

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