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Battery Cabinet

The battery cabinet is used by the factory to charge many batteries that have just been assembled. A simple understanding is an oversized charger that can charge many, many batteries.

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1) Designed and manufactured for performance testing and cycle life testing of rechargeable power batteries, especially suitable for R & D departments. Can detect all types of batteries, such as nickel-cadmium, nickel-metal hydride, lithium ion, and lithium polymer, either individually or in combination.

2) Designed and manufactured strictly in accordance with national test standards, all electrical performance test items concerning rechargeable batteries in the standard can be tested.

3) The device has a total of 8 constant current sources. Each constant current source is completely independent and can be controlled independently. Each channel can detect different types and different specifications of batteries. The computer is individually programmed.

4) Optional temperature test module can detect the battery temperature change during charging and discharging in real time.

5) The computer feedback current technology overcomes the non-linear factors of automatic current setting and ensures the current setting accuracy within the full range.

6) Modular design and manufacture, reliable and stable long-term operation and convenient maintenance.

7) It adopts the four-wire method for measurement, which eliminates wiring and contact errors to the greatest extent, and has high test accuracy.

8) Each battery has a completely independent constant current and constant voltage source.

9) The software is powerful and easy to operate. It can realize functions such as centralized measurement and control of equipment, data processing, and report making. It also has various protection functions such as current abnormal protection.

10) The host computer software provides powerful data processing functions, and provides multiple curve modes, such as voltage-time, current-time and their superimposed curves, characteristic values, cycle diagrams, etc., and provides flexible programming selection functions for easy use.

11) The device can work offline for a long time, and the specific time is determined according to the amount of test data. 12) With data protection function.

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