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A happy and Special Women's Day

YISHANG -Earring Display Stands-a Happy And Special Womens Day

A Happy and Special Women's Day in YISHANG Sheet Metal Fabrication Co., Ltd

Yishang Sheet Metal Fabrication Co., Ltd. not only focuses on providing high-quality custom services of sheet metal fabrication, display rack and  home decor products, but also pays great attention to the welfare and care of employees.

March 8 is international women's day. I wish all women in the world a happy women's day!The theme of international women's day in 2019 is: Balance for Better. We want international women's day to be your day to do all you can to truly make a positive difference for women.

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Women's Day in every year, our company celebrates for all women employees. On women's day 2017, we have lunch parties  and flowers to bless. On women's day 2018, we have film viewing events and flowers to bless. So what new ideas will we have in 2019? To increase participation and fun, we planted orchids together this year. From picking orchids to planting them in flower pots, we do it all by ourselves. Orchid is one of the ten famous flowers in China, and it is the symbol of elegance. Now, each of our woman employee has a beautiful pot of orchids on her desk. After planting the orchids, we had a group BBQ party. All employees sit around the stove, barbecue all kinds of food. There are fresh chicken wings, ribs, shrimp, sausage, cuttlefish balls, organic and healthy vegetables, corn, fried noodles, bread, cake and so on. During the BBQ, we also exchanged funny stories about work and life, so that we got to know each other better. After the party, we took group photos, everyone left a big smile.

Dear clients and friends from all over the world, welcome to visit our company! Welcome to join us and enjoy Chinese food together. If you have custom projects for sheet metal fabrication, display stands and home decor products, please feel free to contact us!

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